Alex likes the sound of an acoustic guitar in the mix of the band, but the main difficulty in playing an acoustic guitar in a band is making the guitar heard clearly against the background of drums, bass and organ. Alex solves this partly by playing a large dreadnought guitar - a Blueridge BR160 (see Saga Music website) - which has a really big full sound.

However, to get the natural sound of an acoustic guitar in a band, you need to use a microphone, and if you use a mic on a stand, you must keep perfectly still to get the best sound (not easy!) Alex solves this problem by using an Audio-Technica P70 lavalier mic (see the Audio-Technica website) fixed to his guitar with a clamp of his own design.

Alex's clamp is made from readily available parts from any DIY store and incorporates a screw clamp and a flexible 'gooseneck'.

One of the problems in a band's live performance is feedback (a high-pitched screeching noise caused by sound from the monitors being picked up by the microphones and fed back to the speakers in a continuous loop). Alex has overcome this by fitting a Fishman humbucker pickup which is played through the monitors, while the guitar mic is played through the PA.

Alex also uses a Pageflip Firefly page turner supplied by Cambron Music, East Kilbride, with a laptop and monitor to display lyrics on stage for himself and the band.